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​Phonic Books Ltd. Top Tips for Reading with Beginners. Retrieved from https://www.phonicbooks.co.uk/advice-and-resources/advice-and-resources-for-parents/top-tips-for-reading-with-beginners/


Decoding can be very laborious for the beginner reader. Here are a few tips that can make the experience successful and rewarding:
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(1) 睡前不是讓孩子閲讀的最佳時間,因為「解碼」(Decoding) 是挺累的。嘗試在放學後或者在早上的第一件事先讓孩子閲讀。

​Bedtime is not the best time to get a child to read, as decoding can be very tiring. Try after school or first thing in the morning

(2) 貴精不貴多。閱讀對於新手讀者來說非常疲憊。

​Do this in short bursts. Reading is exhausting for beginner readers
(3) 鼓勵學習者拼讀(Blending)單詞的發音(讀出個別字母單音,然後把它們拼在一起)。

Encourage the learner to blend the sounds (say sounds and push them together) throughout the word

​(4) 要有耐心 – 讓孩子有時間通過發出聲音說出單詞來。

​Be patient – give the child time to work the word out by sounding it out
(5) 提供指引,給孩子自我糾正的機會。如果孩子忽略發音或插多一個發音入去一個單詞,指出哪裡發生了這種情況,這樣使字形(字母)和音素(發音)匹配。

If a child has omitted sounds or inserted sounds into a word, point out where this has happened so that graphemes (letters) and phonemes (sounds) match; give the child the opportunity to self-correct

(6) 如果孩子不知道字形(字母或字母組合)的發音,告訴他/她這是什麼,但讓孩子自己拼讀出單詞。

​If the child does not know the sound of a grapheme (letter or combination of letters), tell him/her what it is but let the child blend it into the word himself/herself
(7) 高頻率用詞(High-frequency words)是常用詞,其中一些詞有可能拼寫複雜(拼音方法拼不到的)。新手讀者可能難以將它們「解碼」(Decoding)。遇到這些單詞時要幫助他們,指向字形(字母)並說出發音,如果孩子還沒有準備好閱讀,或者難以將發音拼讀在一起,然後為他/她說出這個單詞。經過反覆聆聽練習,孩子會開始認識這些生字。

​High-frequency words are common words, some of which have complex spellings. Beginner readers may have difficulty decoding them. To help with these words, point to the graphemes (letters) and say the sounds and, if the child is not ready to read it, or has difficulty blending the sounds together, then say the word for him/her. In time the child will begin to recognise these words
(8) 為了幫助閲讀理解,在孩子替單詞「解碼」(Decoding)之後,要把整句句子讀出,好讓他/她明白前文後理。

Read each sentence for the child after he/she has decoded it in order to help comprehension

(9) 解釋新詞。

Explain the new words

​(10) 討論本書的主題,並將主題與他/她的個人經歷聯繫起來。

​Discuss the theme of the book and relate it to his/her personal experience



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其實閱讀(Reading)都可以好好玩 ^_^

大人及小朋友都可以睇 ^_^


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